50+ Best Insane Comic-Book Style Photoshop Effects and Cartoon Filters

Comic books and graphic novels combine two things every designer aspires to meld: real meaning and pure, unadulterated eye candy. Here we introduce 30 of the best ever tuts on using Photoshop to create stunning comic-book style art, along with 20 insane comic-book style effects.

However, if you’re looking for premium quality Photoshop Photo Effects, then choose from the assortment of creative options on Envato Elements, such as Painting & Comics Photoshop Actions.

Last but not least, let’s throw some incredible Photoshop actions into the mix as well. You’ll find everything from Sin City-inspired effects to amazing cel shading. Try out these actions curated from Envato Elements and Envato Market.

Cartoon and Comic-Book Effect Action

Instantly turn your photos into a cool comic book with this awesome Photoshop action. This action can work with any size image and includes a help file along with the download for more helpful information.

ComicBook iT - Comic Book Image Converting Action

Convert your original photos into a creative cartoon style with this fun Photoshop action. Included in this package are four unique Photoshop actions with a full user guide and easy-to-follow instructions.

Comic Book Action

Download and load this amazing Photoshop action to give your photos or artwork that fun comic book look! This action includes many different styles to choose from and is best if completed in RGB Mode before converting to CMYK.

Pop Art Photoshop Action

Get a beautiful pop art painting effect with this next Photoshop action. 100% editable, these files include 32 color presets with 12 halftone patterns. Auto align your work for the perfect result and use it for posters or other graphics.

Pro Paint Action Set

This next professional paint set includes Photoshop actions that will help turn your portraits into art. Create wonderful paintings, drawings and cartoons in just a few moments. Get four non-destructive Photoshop actions that are 100% customizable.

All Charles Browns Colored Pencil Drawing Bundle

Transform your photos into a work of art with this fun pencil drawing Photoshop action. This bundle features ten Photoshop actions at a new, remarkably low price. Get access to effects like the image below and so much more!

Cell Shader Photoshop Action

If you don’t have the time to learn the technique of cel shading, consider giving this Photoshop action a try! With this Photoshop action, you simply drag a photo onto your document and play the action for a cool cel shading effect.

Comics Book Photoshop Creator

Have you ever wanted your own comic book? Well, now you can have it with this amazingly awesome Photoshop action. Perfect for Photoshop beginners, this package includes one incredible Photoshop action, along with 20 vector speech bubbles and 7 vector comic sound effects.

Painting Comics Photoshop Actions

Looking for that professional retouched look? Download this awesome set of painting and comic-inspired Photoshop actions to transform your photos into a work of art. This set includes 12 professional Photoshop actions as well as fully detailed instructions.

Cell Shader Photoshop Action

Cel shading is not limited to the drawing elite! You can achieve the same awesome cel-shaded look just by downloading this Photoshop action. Simply open up your photo, play the action, and enjoy your new impressive design!

Strokes Photoshop Action

Turn your photos into insane works of art with this stroke-based Photoshop action. It’s creatively designed to fit the look of traditional art, so you can upgrade your photography with a new creative look that is sure to impress any viewer.

The next tutorials hail from all over the web. Learn how to create interesting comic effects and more, using only Adobe Photoshop.

Now for the goodies! Included in this selection are 10 amazing comic-book style Text Effects and Layer Styles taken from GraphicRiver and Envato Elements. Download these awesome assets to get access to these incredible effects.

Comic Book Text Styles

This awesome package comes complete with 8 different comic book style text effects. Apply them easily to your headlines and titles and customize them easily using the fully editable layers.

Medieval Photoshop Text Effects

Create amazing Photoshop text effects inspired by medieval times. This epic text effect pack includes 12 individual Photoshop files with everything you need to get started. Just use the text tool in Photoshop to edit this effect.

Cartoon and Comic Book Text Styles

If you can’t get enough of some of your favorite cartoon classics, then you’re sure to love these amazing Photoshop styles. Included in this package are 10 amazingly different styles perfect for your next comic book and so much more!

Cartoon and Comic Book Photoshop Styles

Pow, wham, and bam your way to the top with these fun Photoshop styles! Designed after that classic comic book look, download this file to get access to six uniquely different comic book text effects.

Cartoon Text Effects

Create impressive designs with these gorgeous 3D Photoshop text effects. Inspired by the wonderful charm of old-school cartoons, these text effects are perfect for logos, titles, and so much more!

Blockbuster Heroes Style Text Effects

Who doesn’t love a great bundle? Spend your money the smart way with these high-impact Photoshop text effects. They’re designed after blockbuster movies and amazing video game effects, and you’ll definitely want to check out what you can create with these wonderful assets.

Photoshop Text Effect Cinematic 3D Actions

Or grab up this next pack of incredible cinematic 3D Photoshop actions. Included in this download are 48 different combinations of hyper realistic effects. Enjoy phenomenal 3D results inspired by natural earth textures.

80 Photoshop Text Effects Bundle

Need a great text effects bundle? This premium level Photoshop pack includes 80 magnificent layer styles that are super easy to use. The layers styles are 100% scalable and just take one click to use. Add it to your collection!

Comic Book Text Styles

If you’re looking for that classic comic book look, then you’ll love these vintage text styles. This package features 11 unique text effects, and even includes vector splashes, speech bubbles, and explosions!

Vintage Comic Creator

If the allure of retro design is more your style, check out this awesome vintage comic creator. Not only does this package include all the elements you need to create a classic design, but it also includes additional layer styles you can apply to text and more!

The Retro Comic Book Tool Kit

Roll up your sleeves and dive into everything comic-related with this amazing comic book tool kit. Among some of the incredible goodies in this package, you’ll also find a bonus set of layer styles to amp up your text effects and bring your designs to a whole new level!

Retro Vintage Text Effect

Vintage text effects are jam-packed with charming design. And you can get access to this incredible package by downloading this wonderful set of 10 different Photoshop text effects. All backgrounds are included as well as links to free font downloads.

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